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    Dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years. There are many types of
    dogs in the world today that have been domesticated by people. They are very
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    This breeds full name is the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. It was
    originally red to lure and retrieve water fowl, hence the name. Many people love
    it because it is loyal and obedient and is also a great companion to the family.
    With the proper training, this is one of the most wonderful pet breeds you can
    have in the home.

    The dog also has other assets that make it the best. According to previous
    research, the puppy does well while living in apartments and adapts easily to
    such kind of environments. It is also able to stay alone for some time and is
    very affectionate to its owners. The research also showed that it can survive in
    both cold and hot environments thus showing its level of adaptability to
    different regions.

    Children are part of the family and as such they should be considered while
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    breed that you would gladly take out in family trips and fun activities.

    The other aspect that people look at when it comes to dealing with pets is
    grooming. The greatest thing about the breed is the fact that compared to other
    breeds; it does not shed a lot. It also does not drool that much and does not
    need a lot of grooming. The only thing to note of these breeds is their
    potential to gain weight. Keeping them active will definitely help manage their

    The behavior of a dog is dependent on its training. Training is thus begun
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    There are several programs that are included in the training program. There
    is what is known as classical conditioning which means that the dog is taught
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    things that are common in many homes. You need to get one trainer that the dog
    will get used so that the training will run smoothly.

    These are some of the things every prospective owner should know about this
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