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Latest Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 11 New Colorways
  • Nike LeBron Soldier 11 (XI) with breathable mesh and foam upper, and with four straps. Placed in the heel and forefoot of the Zoom Air air cushion unit, providing excellent responsiveness. Fashionable personality of the four flexible fixed belt design, in a variety of speeds to provide strong lock, light support, help free movement, Zoom Air air cushion unit to give athletes start, take off and landing when the effective resilience and cushioning effect, protect the athletes at the same time, Also help athletes to better start and accelerate in the game. Multi-layer lightweight upper by the elastic lining, perforated foam and slim mesh cloth composition, plastic to breathability, flexibility and support effect. LeBronSoldier11 has been members of the Cavaliers several times on the feet, four Velcro design continues the previous generation of soldiers 10 iconic design, more Velcro will bring a more extreme sense of parcel and stability, its combat performance is no doubt of.
    New Jordans 2016, Knight headed star LeBron James and the mother signed a 3-year contract 1 billion, in the finals back to our line of sight. Finals, James in the first two wearing LEBRON XIII lost after the game, back home will be changed to wear NIKE LEBRON SOLDIER X play. In the face of 1: 3 in the plight of the pressure to withstand the next three won the championship. Dunk shoes teach today to bring you NIKE LEBRON SOLDIER X actual evaluation. Uppers than the previous generation of the most significant change is the increase in the Velcro, the upper basically the same, outsole seems more obvious edges and corners, the other basically no change. Through the breathable mesh material produced by the upper with four Velcro and midsole are calm black show, with the same color Swoosh embellishment, ice blue outsole is ulterior motives to show the iconic crown LOGO.
    Cheap Jordans 2017, From the Nike LeBron Soldier 11 body can see the previous generation of contours and details of the design, the most prominent is the four strap detail design. LeBron main line and Soldier branch positioning fusion and cross can be seen from the shoe body design. From the diamond-shaped heel texture to the end of ink, and LOGO blue crystal outsole, we can see the details to the extreme. The pair of Nike LeBron Soldier 11 Strive for Greatness to dressed in cool black dress show people, following James in the playoffs after several times to make their attention, LeBron Soldier 11 is still widely acclaimed high shoes and magic Paste design, but more than a strap, presumably wrapped more balanced and compact, shoe body mesh hole larger than the previous generation, so that the breathability has improved. Finally equipped with exquisite diamond-shaped heel texture and rendering LJ LOGO blue crystal outsole end, New Jordans 2018 regardless of the value or performance are good!