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Adhesive Agent at one time once you have opened it
  • Perhaps because of this, the maker of Poligrip recently announced it will
    stop using zinc in three of its popular denture creams. The New York Times
    reported that due to potential health risks associated with the ingredient
    Joyachem will stop making and selling Shoe Adhesive , Ultra Fresh, and
    Extra Care products while it develops a zinc-free reformulation.

    In a statement, Glaxo calls the move voluntary and says the products are safe
    to use as directed. However, the company says it is taking the action "because
    we have become aware of potential health problems associated with the long-term
    excessive use of our zinc-containing denture adhesive products."

    When you are going to use the electronic adhesive, you firstly have to cut
    open the nozzle according to the needed size of electronic adhesive, and then
    squeeze out the adhesive from the soft pipe and directly agglutinate it on the
    surface of the elements.

    Remember that there should be enough surface volume to paste the adhesive
    (the thickness shouldn't more than 6mm). It should finish dressing in a short
    time after the electronic adhesive is pasted. In order to get the best sealing
    effect, the surface of all electronic components should be cleaned, dry and
    without impurities, oil or other besmirch.

    The best way is to use no water alcohol or acetone to clean it. There should
    be good ventilation in the processing of construction and curing of electronic
    adhesive. Try to use up the electronic silicone Adhesive Agent at one time once you
    have opened it.