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Diskusi Toko Online #6 hadir kembali di Malang. Dengan tema “JAGO COPYWRITING, JAGO CLOSING, BANYAK UANG MASUK REKENING”. Kunjungi link untuk mendaftar sekarang: http://bit.ly/distokon6
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The first mount was obtained at about level 12
  • The first mount was obtained at about level 12 which is quite early in comparison to many other MMOs revelation online gold.
    A particularly nice feature of the mount system is I didn't have to be
    standing still to summon the mount. Occasionally I'd start heading
    somewhere and realize the place I was head was further away than I

    Being able to hop on my mount without stopping was
    awesome. Additionally, being mounted didn’t block me from interacting
    with NPCs, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. Though I do have to
    admit sitting on a horse in the middle of a tavern talking to people was
    a bit weird.

    Auto pathing is, of course, a thing in Revelation
    Online and it's particularly robust here. Not only will it take you
    where you need to go but it also will mount you up if needed or take you
    right through a portal.

    Once you’re on the other side of the portal you start running right away again. If when you arrive at the quest revelation online gythil
    location and you need to interact with something the auto pathing will
    do that too. Just about the only thing auto pathing won’t do for you is
    fight things.
    All of the news can be find in http://www.playerhot.com/games/revelation-online/Golds now... come on!