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Synthetic Adhesive is to dry it won’t adhere
  • Two Part Flexible Lamination
     comes with a pale of liquid acrylic to make it more
    flexible and adherent.

    If you want to lay tiles onto a substrate that has movement or spring such as
    timber or you are laying tiles to an area that has a smooth, glossy surface such
    as existing tiles or steel trowel finished concrete then this is the appropriate
    adhesive to use.

    But it is recommended that you try to stiffen the timber substrate as best
    you can and use a flexible additive in the grout as over time the tiles and
    grout may loosen and come apart from the floor. Also it is recommended that you
    roughen the smooth, glossy surface for better adhesion.

    Use the correct size notch trowel when applying to adhesive to the substrate
    as you want good coverage of glue under the tiles and always make sure when
    mixing the adhesive that you don’t have it to dry and stiff or to wet and

    If the Synthetic
     is to dry it won’t adhere to the tiles properly and if it is to
    runny the glue will slump and not provide enough coverage on the tiles, both
    will result in adhesion failure and create loose or drummy tiles.