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308497-100 Mens Air Jordan 4 Pure Money 2017
  • New Jordans 2016, The Air Jordan 4 Retro "Pure Money" is one of the new Jordans in the market today with a color combination of White, Metallic Silver, and Pure Platinum. Now you know where the "Pure Money" tag comes from. The back also displays the same Jumpman logo bearing the same silver color. In line with the Air Jordan 4 Retro silhouette, you can easily see the layering technique applied by Nike which helps add character to the shoe. As most of the kicks are built using the same material, there's really not much to be said about texture. The mesh material that covers the quarter panel is really the only obviously different material added onto the kicks.
    Jordans 2017, There has been a bit of conflict about the actual "look" of the shoes as the images released were purported to be not the actual colorway. Still though, those images seem to jive well with the marketed colors of the kicks. On the tongue is an unmistakable logo of the Jumpman in silver splender, occupying a large portion of the center. The soles are kept white and simple so that it doesn't detract from the metallic accents of the shoes. The silver color is utilized for the lace guards, coming into four different pieces. Nike has been fairly generous with this one as many kicks come only with two lace guards. The purported images are purely white in the upper region with a mesh patch along both sides of the tongue. The tongue itself is white and locked in placed by white, flat laces.
    New Air Jordan Shoes, the Black Metallic Silver for the Air Jordan 11 silhouette is a fitting choice for those who are looking for something classic with a twist. To be perfectly honest, the Air Jordan 11 Low silhouette is already a market favorite so any colorway released under this form has the chance of being a classic. The basic black and white color choices are a bit boring but the addition of silver manages to put a different spin on the whole thing. we've got a black nubuck upper while ash grey covers the mudguard. You can see a hint of silverish hue on the trim of the shoes which is basically the highlight of these kicks. With just the images, you can tell that the materials used are a tad different from each other. Dispensing the layering approach, Nike decided to focus on texture with these shoes. The soles are kept white but the outsole seems to be a tad different from the rest. Boasting of a milky white translucence, the outsole managed to provide a much needed subtle contrast to the overall heaviness of the black design. The tongue is still black in coloring with the laces kept in the same solid color. The Air Jordan logo is on the center of the tongue, dressed in white so that it really pops out of the shoes. The back portion also has the Jumpman icon in display, done in the same shade of white.