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Escalator, The Substitute of Elevator
  • As a child, do you remember riding safe elevator - Elevator
     - Fujihd.net - and getting a thrill just to stand
    looking impressive as the machine does all your climbing up and down for you?
    Most of you would have found yourself going up and down again and again in the
    malls just to pass time while the elders did their shopping. As far as older
    people are concerned, escalator rides can be fun for some while others may find
    them dizzy. As time carries on, it is very likely that most of you might have
    forgotten the amusement you get from it. But surely, time and again you remember
    wondering about how the steps go flat at the very ends and keep moving
    continuously in your childhood.

    Escalators are extensively used in airports, transit systems, shopping malls
    and department stores in all urban countries all over the world. Many commercial
    and corporate buildings also make use of escalators. And they are mainly used as
    transport systems for people. That is why escalators need much maintenance. The
    posh shopping malls and office buildings take every care to maintain the
    escalators properly. This includes keeping the smooth running of all machinery
    and also cleaning them every now and then. Escalator cleaning services are hired
    by every mall and building owners to preserve the decorum of their place.

    Escalators are very common for urban population. But still, here are things
    you might not know about escalators.

    1.Escalators were invented for use where elevators would not be viable like
    when the height to be covered is not very much. They are more effectively used
    in carrying large traffic, which is a limitation of elevators.

    2.They are operated at constant speed. And the most obvious difference
    between escalators and elevators is that with escalators, people don’t have to
    wait for any door to open. A person can hop on at any given time.

    3. Most escalators use a 100 horsepower motor to rotate the gears which in
    turn rotate the steps with the help of chain loops.

    4. The world’s smallest escalator is in a department store in Japan. It is
    only two and a half feet in height and it goes down.

    5. Cleat, step and spiral or helical are some types of escalators used for
    various purposes all over the world depending on the type of load that is to be
    transferred. - Top
    Elevator Company in China - Fuji Elevator Company