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Men's Nike Air Max 2016 athletic shoes of a wedge setup
  • I  had lots of great flats, but I always felt like there was a compromise
    being made. Maybe it was fast, but I couldn feel comfortable over much distance
    (Streak LT or Saucony Grid Type A). Maybe it was good for the marathon, but
    still, just a bit more bulky (LunaRacer) or softer (Streak 5) than I would
    really want if i could create a shoe myself. Maybe it had that elusive mix of
    cushioning that could go both fast and long, but the fit was off (New Balance
    1600 & 1400) or the offset was too high (Brooks T7). In training, I love
    this shoes t seems like it should do everything. The only drawback for me is
    that i still haven felt 100% at home in it during a race. I still used to a
    slightly higher offset (Streak 5), or at least more Men's
    Nike Air Max 2016 athletic shoes
    of a wedge setup (LunaRacer or old
    1400v1), as opposed to a rocker setup. I notice the differences in training, but
    in a race, when I more fatigued, the differences really stuck out. I not saying
    one way is better, but I do recognize that I still not 100% used to the shoe
    change. I need more time. I need to experience it during some longer marathon
    and half marathon workouts. That when I really know if the shoe is going to
    become something I reach for when fitness is top-notch and I ready to take a
    stab another personal best.

    Brian is a life-long athlete. He ran cross-country and track in high school,
    but asn very good.  He then spent his college years racing road and mountain
    bikes, on his own during the summer and with the Lindsey Wilson College cycling
    team in the spring (road) and fall (mountain). After being relatively inactive
    for about 3 years after graduating college, his wife inspired him to sign up a
    for a half marathon. He ran approximately 7 minute pace and felt like he as
    sprinting the entire time.  Fast forward to today, and it rare for him to ever
    run as slow as a 7-minute mile. He ran 2: 24: 15 in the 2014 Twin Cities
    Marathon and 1: 09: 24 in the 2016 Mercedes Half Marathon. He has been entered
    into two USA Marathon Championships (Twin Cities 2014, LA 2015) and has won
    countless small-town road races. He been humbled by big mileage and competitive
    races, but at 37 years old, believes he can still run personal bests at every
    distance from the mile to the marathon. He has been coached by Luke Humphrey
    (Hansons Coaching Services) since December 2012. In 2011, he opened his hometown
    first and only running store, Foothills Running Co. (Instagram)You can follow
    along with his personal journey of parenting and running via his Instagram
    account @brian1shelton.